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Cafe de Tree

Cafe de Tree is a beautiful cafe just outside New Sukhothai that offers a wide variety of Thai and International dishes.

The cafe is perfect for a quick breakfast or lunch, but also has an air-conditioned dining area where you enjoy a nice dinner. If you’re craving for some Western food, Cafe de Tree offers a few great options, including their De Tree Steak (199 THB). This pork fillet is nicely flavoured, served with good French fries, cooked veggies and two different sauces. Another recommended dish is the Beef Spaghetti (99 THB), which is a portion of spaghetti with well-seasoned, herby meatballs. We do have to admit that the taste of the spaghetti is far from authentic Italian, however, for a place like Sukhothai, the food is decent and it attracts plenty of customers.

Pak Khwae
Mueang Sukhothai District
Sukhothai 64000

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