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Wat Klang Wieng

This is a must-see temple, for its striking architecture and ornate relief decorations.

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Located at the epicentre of Chiang Rai City, Wat Klang Wieng houses the original city pillar shrine as well as a spectacular temple complex built in a contemporary Lanna style.

Built in 1432, the temple boasts ornate grillwork, roof finials and gilded decorations on its vivid red façades – a peculiar colour for temples. It was not always so peculiar looking, however, as the temple underwent extensive renovation after a storm brought down several main structures in 1903, including the main chapel (ubosot) and assembly hall (wiharn). A stupa (chedi) was then added to the temple compound; it rests on a three-tiered octagonal base, guarded on all sides by elephants in full court regalia. On each level, there are small niches housing golden Buddha images or amulets – a typical characteristic of northern-style chedis.

Location: Corner of Rattanaket and Uttarakit Roads, three blocks northeast of the Clock Tower
How to get there: Hire a songtaew or rent a motorcycle

Wat Klang Wiang Chiang Rai ถนน Uttarakit
Mueang Chiang Rai District
Chiang Rai 57000

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