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Tuk tuks in Phuket

Phuket tuk-tuks aren't the iconic 3-wheelers you see in Bangkok, but rather see modified mini trucks, usually in bright red or yellow.

Some of these vehicles have powerful sound systems and disco lights set up in the passenger compartment.

These are probably the most common form of transport on the island – dozens of them are usually parked outside Phuket's major attractions and resorts. Unfortunately, tuk-tuks are among the most expensive means of getting around the island. A short cross-town trip can cost as much as 100 baht.

If you want to travel by tuk-tuk, state your destination and haggle the price before getting on. Make sure you’re clear on whether the price is per person or group (if you're travelling with family or friends). Due to Phuket's hilly terrain and winding roads, a tuk-tuk ride can be rather uncomfortable if you are travelling a fair distance. The price for such a journey will also generally be quite high – as much as double the cost of a metered taxi.

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