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Somtum Der

While Bangkok has plenty of chic eats, Thailand's spicy northeastern fare, known as Isan food, is sadly under-respresented other than by hole in the walls or street carts.

Somtum Der, created by a collaboration of friends and family who have close ties to the Isan region, boasts an authentic northeastern eatery that has already garnered plenty of acclaim. Somtum Der serves up popular Isan street treats like larb tawt (spicy minced pork salad), kor moo yang (grilled marinated pork), somtum pla tu khao mun (shredded unripe papaya with grilled mackerel and coconut rice), and tum suo sakhonnakorn, a somtum with Thai vermicelli and white popinac seeds (an ingredient which cannot be found in Bangkok).

Michelin Bangkok has given the restaurant a Plate award, and one of the original branches of Somtum Der, started by one of its founders, Thanareuk Laoraowirodge in Manhattan, New York, received a Michelin star.

351/2 Sukhumvit 55 (Thong Lor)

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