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Paolo Hospital Kaset

Paolo Hospital Kaset -

Paolo Hospital Kaset, formerly Mayo Hospital, is a private hospital on Phahonyothin Road in Chatuchak District in Bangkok

It is a secondary hospital with 162 beds providing medical services. by experts in all major fields who are the hospital doctors, including obstetricians, gynecologists, surgeons, internists, pediatricians, dermatologists, otolaryngologists-nasics orthopedic doctor and an anesthetist 24 hours a day, while other special branches will be specialist doctors invited to provide services to patients. Hospitals can therefore provide medical services in many fields. Except for severe or complex diseases requiring specific tools Specialized team such as organ transplant Heart surgery, artificial insemination, certain brain surgeries that require special tools The hospital will refer to Receive appropriate treatment at tertiary care hospitals or hospitals in the BDMS network, including hospitals according to patient rights.
2012/5-6 Phahonyothin Rd
Sena Nikhom
Bangkok 10900

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