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Odean Crab Wonton

Odean is a very clean and rather discreet restaurant behind Wat Traimit in a small street near the Chinese gate of Odeon circle in Chinatown.

Obviously, it should’ve been called Odeon Restaurant but it joined the many charming typos in Bangkok with the name 'Odean'. This is not just another noodle soup joint as a bowl can cost as much as 500 baht! The noodles are usually just traditional yellow egg noodles and the soup is light and clear... So what is their secret ingredient?

The key ingredient is nothing more than a delicious crab claw served on top of your soup, but not a tiny nipper, a big one – as big as you’re willing to pay. When ordering, you need to specify the price you wish to pay: from 200 to 500 baht. You can, of course, order a simple crab soup for 50 baht in which you will just get some crab meat, but the real deal here is to order a big claw. Everybody knows, the bigger, the better! You can also order the same dish but 'dry', with the soup served separately.

Open: Daily from 8.30am to 8pm

724 Charoen Krung Rd
Talat Noi
Bangkok 10100

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