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Hard Rock Cafe Phuket

Hard Rock Cafe Phuket is the 3rd outlet by the famous American brand in Thailand, after Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya and Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok.

Hard Rock Cafe doesn’t need to be introduced anymore but when it arrived in Patong Beach a few years back, it was a pretty big deal. If you already came here, you already know that Phuket doesn’t lack live bands. Not all live bands in Phuket bars are good, but people don’t seem to be so picky after few beers anyway. However, there are a few places where the bands can really sing and play… and Hard Rock Cafe Phuket is one of them.

The big question was: Is Hard Rock Cafe able to take a ride against the most famous live band venues in Phuket? You bet it did! Considering the remote location on the outskirt of Patong and the relatively higher prices, it was a challenge. But the talent of the singers and musicians combined with a world-famous brand worked like a charm. Not to mention the iconic giant guitar. And maybe the fact that Hooters was just next door helped a bit?

The band is very talented and will whisk you away with their voices, sound and songs as soon as you sit down. It’s hard to resists. Hard Rock Cafe is split in indoors, outdoors and VIP areas but the outdoors gets full first and that’s where the live band is anyway. (You didn’t travel such a long way to get indoors).

A big draw, of course, is the food! Some would say “why would you come to Thailand to eat American Ribs?”. Try the BBQ ribs and you will know why… and after a while, a bit of comfort food can be welcome. To find where the Hard Rock café is, just follow the iconic gigantic guitar proudly standing next to the Swissotel Phuket and opposite the OTOP night market. Of course expect to find the ‘Rock Shop’, the Hard Rock Cafe souvenir shop. Here you can buy the legendary ‘Hard Rock Cafe Phuket’ so everyone knows you were there… but I do have one myself.

Open: 9:00 am – 2:00 am

48/1 Ruamjai Road
Pa Tong
Kathu District
Phuket 83150

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