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If you are not scared of the dark and enjoy a walk into the unknown, then try Chiang Rai’s Wat Tham Pla (‘Fish Cave Temple’, but also called ‘Monkey Temple’).

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Burrowed into a huge rock face about 13km south of Mae Sai, this cave sits on a steep hill behind the main temple building. Climb up some 200 stone steps and you will be struck by the sight of towering limestone walls festooned in leafy green closing in on both sides.

Inside, the cave is pitch black, with two large chambers housing a Burmese-style bejeweled Bhudda image. Exit the other end, and a series of steps await you as well as an all-encompassing view of verdant jungle bordering Thailand, Burma and Laos – The Golden Triangle. Closer to Chiang Rai is Tham Phra (Buddha Cave), sitting on the bank of the Kok River, accessible by long-tail boat from the C.R. pier. Inside, it houses a Buddhist shrine with over 80 ancient Buddha images.

Pong Ngam
Mae Sai District
Chiang Rai 57130

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