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Akha Homestay

Spend a day with the Akha people in the mountains of Chiang Rai and stay overnight in an Akha mud house. Watch how the hill tribe people live and work, learn about their history, traditions and culture.

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Surrounded by nature, the Akha grow coffee beans and other produce on terraced fields and produce several handicrafts. To this day they have preserved their culture, customs and way of life.

Akha hill tribes

Meet the Akha, one of the hill tribes that live in the mountainous areas of North Thailand and neighboring countries. They came to Thailand over a century ago and live a simple life farming and working on handicrafts.

Hloyo village

Hloyo community is the home of the Akha tribe. The village is located on Doi Mae Salong mountain. Local people call the mountain Doi Pha Mi. Mi meaning bear in Thai, the mountains surrounding the village resemble bears lying down.

Hloyo is a very scenic place with beautiful views of mountains and forests. For most of the year the temperatures at the higher elevations are cool.

Explore the village

After arrival check in into the mud house where you will spend the night. Then it’s time to explore the area and meet local people. Walk around the village and trails and see how the people live and work.

Learn a few words

Every hill tribe has its own language, which is completely different from Thai. Meet local Akha people and learn a few simple words of their language, like hello and thank you.

Experience how the Akha live

During your stay in Hloyo village you will have a chance to experience the way the Akha live. Work in the fields with local people, help out cooking dinner and try your hand at traditional Akha skills and handicrafts.

Terraced coffee plantation

The Akha grow agricultural crops like coffee beans on terraced fields on the slopes of the mountains. Join in and work with them and learn a little about how coffee beans are grown. Drink coffee from locally grown beans.

Traditional Akha dinner

Akha food is different from Thai food. It’s very healthy, only fresh ingredients are being used. Some of the ingredients are unique to the Akha kitchen and are not used in Thai cooking.

Learn how to cook traditional Akha food by helping cooking dinner. When it’s ready, the food is served in Khantoke style on a platter.

Sunset behind the mountains

At the end of the day watch the sun go down behind the mountains. In the evening just relax or talk with Akha people to learn about their way of life, culture, traditions and beliefs that have been preserved until the present day.

Akha clay house

Stay overnight in a traditional Akha clay house. The house sits right on the hill with beautiful views of the mountains and the valley. Although small and simple, the house has basic amenities like electricity and hot water.

Watch the sunrise

Get up early the next morning and watch the sun come up from behind the mountains. Enjoy breakfast with local coffee or tea.

Akha handicrafts

Skills like embroidery, bamboo weaving and wood carving have been handed over for many generations.

Learn about Akha handicrafts and try your hand at puppet wood carving, bamboo weaving or making bracelets from millet seeds. Try embroidery in Akha designs on bracelets and take one home as a souvenir.


Hloyo village is located on Doi Mae Salong mountain about 65 kilometers from Chiang Rai town. It takes about 1½ hours to get there by car.

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