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Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre

Set up in collaboration with the Japanese, the Ayuthaya Historical Study Centre was created to celebrate the 100 years of bilateral relations between Japan and Thailand, as well as their connection to each other through history.

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The study centre, focused on research, features museums which bring to life the old cultures and traditions of the Ayutthayan times, using modern techniques to present them in an easy and understandable way.

Ayutthaya historical study centre was a collaborative establishment by Thai and Japanese scholars which is divided into the main building and appendix building. This signifies their connection with each other in history and culture. The study centre focuses on research and uses modern techniques to let people understand the old customs of traditions of Ayutthaya. Museums are featured so that visitors and tourists easily understand the significance and importance of the history associated with it.

You can also understand the influence of the Ayutthaya kingdom through the illustrations, art, maps, models, slideshows, and various other objects presented in the museum. The exhibits take visitors virtually to the ancient culture and rich history of the kingdom while every detail of the place is worth a visit. This place also provides a well-maintained library that has books covering all aspects of its history. History students find this place amusing, and as a part of education, the local schools take their students to this museum to present them their history more interestingly.

History of Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre

Ayutthaya was once the capital of Thailand, and so it naturally has lots of background and rich history. Many stories have been buried and forgotten, but the Japanese government took a step forward and funded the impressive Ayutthaya Historical Study Center. It is also a national research institute that is devoted to the research of the history of Ayutthaya when it was a capital city. Situated away from the actual historical ruins of the town, the history of Ayutthaya as a capital city, port city, central state, and also its village life is exhibited in the museum.

Restoration of the Museum

The city was once attacked and burnt by the Burmese army and forced the native people to abandon their homes. That part of the town was not rebuilt, and it is known as an archaeological excavation site today. Many more facts lie in the city of Ayutthaya regarding its significant history and also culture and heritage. Many untold stories in Ayutthaya are brought to light by the research team of the Ayutthaya historical study centre.

How To Reach Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre

You can reach Ayutthaya Historical Center by train or taxi if you are in Bangkok itself or can go by air if you are travelling from any other country. Once you reach Bangkok, exploring Ayutthaya becomes easy and includes lots of fun.

By Train: It takes only two hours, but first-class tickets are costly in Thailand whereas you can reach Ayutthaya by road in a taxi or a minivan which takes around 90 minutes.

Getting Around the City

The moment you enter Ayutthaya, tuk-tuks are available everywhere to take you sightseeing to different places like Ayutthaya historical study centre. Also, there are ferry boats to take you to some locations. The study centre can be visited in the local vehicles like tuk-tuks, the best transport service in Ayutthaya and also the cheapest. If you go in a large group, you can also book a minivan to go there.

Tambon Pratuchai
Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District
Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 13000

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