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Ayutthaya Ferry Boat

The Ayutthaya Ferry Boat connects the old city to the main railway station. It runs every few minutes and the boatmen always slow down for you whenever a passenger raises their camera.

It's a great way to experience life on the Chao Praya river. The ferry boat in Ayutthaya covers the distance between the railway station and the chaw-prom market.

After a five minute walk from the railway station, the ferry boat takes the tourists across to the Ayutthaya island. This is one of the cheapest options to explore the land and converse with the locals. A ride in ferry boat is also an advantage as it allows you to take your vehicles like scoters if any. It is easier to visit the places in and around the region via a ferry boat ride. If tourists do not prefer crossing the bridge, the ferry is the best option, and a great experience as well. Since the boatmen are friendly and supportive, they are said to always be in favour of their customers.

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