"I can honestly say I acquired a good amount of knowledge pertaining to Thai culture, language, society, history, Buddhism (popular and intellectual), and the anthropology of the Karen.."

-Amy Hamilton (Westmont College) SST Alum 2001

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Sophmores, Juniors, and Seniors

Minimum 2.50 GPA

By application only --Due Oct. 1

Financial Aid Applications--Due Oct. 1


January 7- March 30

Soc 250--Thai Culture and Society-4 semester hours

Thai 125--Intensive Introduction to Thai Language -4-6 semester hours

A Reading and Writing course is optional and meets for 3 hours per week for 10 weeks

Internship 299: Study/Service Internship--4 Semester Hours (Internship to be arranged with Church, Government, or
Educational Agency--Students will be in their internships 16 hours per
week and have a two-hour seminar on Fridays.)

April 1- May 1

Anth 263 -- The Karen of Northern Thailand- 4 semester hours (Taught in the Karen village of Tee Mae Ker Lah)

(16 hours are required of all students)