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The dates of this program are approximately between January 6 and May 6th.

The entire cost of this program will be covered by the fees you pay to your own college university providing they have a signed an agreement with the Spring Semester in Thailand. This arrangement includes tuition at Chiang Mai University, housing, three meals per day, all travel (international and local), visas, books, and field trips. The point of departure will be Los Angeles. An extra charge will be assessed for flight costs above the Los Angeles to Bangkok fare. Students will also have miscellaneous personal expenses for passport, insurance, photography, and their spring break, etc. These costs should not exceed $500.

Special arrangements can be made for students not attending an approved college or university and they will pay program fees directly to the Spring Semester in Thailand. There are special scholarships available to eligible students. Unlike other international studies programs, the Spring Semester in Thailand is designed such that is should cost the same or less than the money paid to one's domestic college or university.

 Upon Acceptance Students will have the following deposit schedule:

  • October 15 -- $300 ($100 non-refundable)
  • November 15 -- $350
  • December 15 -- $350
  • January 1 -- Remainder of fees are due.